Hello from Hashnode

Hello from Hashnode!

This is my first post using Hashnode, and I think it is fair to be about how awesome Hashnode.com really is!

Recently I wanted to start blogging again about my software ramblings and by chance I saw a tweet about hashnode, so I decided to give it a try.

It took really one minute:

And that was it - this blog is operational on it's own domain!

Thank you, Hashnode! 🎉

Next posts about .NET, Azure, software development in general and digitization are on it's way!

Stay tuned!

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Hey The keen thinker, thanks for joining Hashnode. And, thanks for sharing your experience. Looking forward to reading your articles.

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Thanks Syed Fazle Rahman for the warm welcome!

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I recently started on Hashnode as well...❤️ Looking forward to see more from you!

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Thanks Sabarish! We posted our first articles on the same date! 😃 Your first post is great.


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Yeah, we did. Thanks for the appreciation !! The keen thinker