I am writing an eBook

I am writing an eBook


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The title of the book is

Video recording and streaming with 0 investments

You can get already the book for free on Gumroad!

Allow me to explain. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Why am I writing an eBook?

I do like to try new things out and then I share my experience because sharing is caring, right? ๐Ÿ˜Š

Also I recently read a very nice article about the Feynman learning technique.

The Feynman Technique is a four-step process for understanding any topic. This technique rejects automated recall in favor of true comprehension gained through selection, research, writing, explaining, and refining.

It's an iterative process consisting of the following steps:

  1. Choose a concept to learn. Select a topic youโ€™re interested in learning about and write it at the top of a blank page in a notebook.
  2. Teach it to yourself or someone else. Write everything you know about a topic out as if you were explaining it to yourself. Alternately, actually teach it to someone else.
  3. Return to the source material if you get stuck. Go back to whatever youโ€™re learning from โ€“ a book, lecture notes, podcast โ€“ and fill the gaps in your knowledge.
  4. Simplify your explanations and create analogies. Streamline your notes and explanation, further clarifying the topic until it seems obvious. Additionally, think of analogies that feel intuitive.

The point is, that through sharing we expand our knowlege regarding the newly learned stuff and understand it better and better so we can also apply it better.

What will I write about

The last few months I did explore three topics:

  • recording my computer desktop in order to create video tutorials
  • recording myself with the camera while presenting the video tutorials
  • live streaming

I wrote about this topics in a series of articles on my personal blog. Now I want to bundle everything and create a nice looking guide in the form of an ebook - for you and also for my personal use.

The real reason I'm writing an eBook

There are also a few other reasons, why I want to create an eBook. I want to learn:

  • how to create an eBook
  • about typography and styling
  • about the different publishing formats
  • about publishing platforms and publishing software
  • the costs of creating an eBook

I want to write a technical book and just focus on the content and not learn the publishing process as I write. I am now taking the opportunity to acquire the knowledge so that I can only concentrate on writing later.

Follow me on my learning journey

You are more than welcome to follow me on my journey if you also want to learn about the process of writing and creating an eBook.

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